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Understanding consumers as co-creators
of new products and services

Open innovation and co-creation have become a new paradigm in innovation management. In the center of attention you find the changing role of consumers from passive beneficiaries to active partners in value creation networks. The active integration of knowledge, ideas as well as the creativity of consumers is driven by today’s media landscape where social networks and collaborative internet have become important aspects of everyday life. Beside a conceptual classification, the workshop provides a holistic overview of methods, tools, strengths and risks of consumer co-creation.

The transfer of knowledge and practical experiences presented in form of mini cases are in the foreground of the workshop. Also, we strive for an intensive integration of the opinions of the participants and a discussion how different approaches could be applied in their businesses.

As open innovation and co-creation are interdisciplinary approaches, the workshop addresses different functional divisions like market research, marketing, product development, communication and social media.

Moderation: Madeleine Kröper

Date: tbd

Language: English or German

Location: HYVE Innovation Research GmbH, Schellingstraße 45, 80799 München, Germany

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