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Reinventing Retail 2017-03-16T14:25:47+00:00

Project Description

In co-operation with Roland Berger Strategy Consultant, HYVE have released a comprehensive and exclusive study on bricks and mortar businesses, titled “Reinventing Retail – the local answer to online shopping”. They have interviewed more than 5,000 customers in industries such as food, fashion, consumer electronics, furniture and toiletries. Each segment was anaylised in extensive netnographies leading into the condensation and development of insights and concepts together with industrial experts, market researchers and innovation consultants. The outcome are new services, visualised in customer journeys.

Building on these results, Dr. Michael Bartl and Prof. Dr. Johann Füller presented new concepts and methods adressing customers’ unfulfilled needs, enthusing them for bricks and mortar business and showing how innovation can be a part of the business model.