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HYVE Science Labs

HYVE Science Labs connect the academic, consumer and business world to join forces in open value creation.

Deeply rooted in the scientific world, we closely cooperate with leading universities and institutions such as Harvard University, MIT in Boston, RWTH Aachen, the Pribilla Foundation, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Technical University of Munich. With more than 300 publications in leading academic and industry journals, we have our finger on the pulse of time and adapt promising scientific approaches to create solutions that fit our clients’ challenges.

HYVE Science Labs aim to spur new approaches of open value creation. We believe in the power of Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Innovation and thus help companies to integrate external stakeholders into new product development. As innovation enablers with a passion for research, HYVE heavily relies on methodologies which are derived from academic research. Our goal is to intertwine academic research and practical work in the business world. In our experience, a stronger connection between the two worlds can unlock extraordinary results and performances. Thus, we want to foster bidirectional exchanges to supercharge the effects of academic research and business.


How Practice Profits from Academia

Many of our innovative approaches originate from academic deliberations and are continuously optimized for practical application. Transferring and utilizing academic findings into real life, clients profit from additional research-driven insights and become early adopters of the latest research methods developed by the world’s leading institutions. Applying cutting edge innovation methods gives companies a clear competitive advantage.

How Academia Profits from Practice

Vice versa, we use innovation projects with our clients to conduct research on emerging innovation management trends in a real-world environment. Using this real life data, academic work can examine the implementation of methods, identify research gaps and further enhance methodologies. Instant feedback on new methodologies helps accelerate the research cycles and ensures that research focuses on problems that really matter to businesses.

Our University “ecosystem”

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